SPHERAG and Telefonica Tech in a joint agrodigitization project.  

Frutas Mifra grows cherries in the region of Codos, in a farm of more than 65 hectares whose terrain has a steep slope and areas of difficult access, which makes the control of the irrigation system a complicated task. In addition, Frutas Mifra exports its fruit to countries with high quality standards such as France, Germany or Abu Dhabi, which makes it necessary to have precise control over the irrigation of each tree. 

A joint project, in which we have worked with Telefónica Tech, has made it possible to implement an intelligent irrigation solution on this farm based on the installation of SPHERAG Atlas devices with NB-IoT connectivity from Telefónica Tech, which allow the opening and closing of irrigation valves remotely, taking into account precise data on humidity, temperature, etc., detected with sensors.

This solution allows farm technicians to guarantee fruit quality and optimize water use, reducing water consumption by more than 30%.

Success story in La Razón

The newspaper La Razón devotes an article this week to this success story under the headline “Efficient agriculture thanks to the latest technology”. In it, it reflects on the still low level of digitization of the agricultural sector in Spain, according to data from the report Tendencias Agrifood 2022 by the European Foundation Intec. The agricultural sector is also facing challenges – population growth, water scarcity, lack of generational replacement, rising energy costs, etc. – that need advanced and disruptive technology, such as that developed by SPHERAG, to be addressed.

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