We simplify water management

also for Irrigation Districts

From our platform, as an administrator, you can encourage and ensure an efficient use of water, and control its distribution and timing through a multi-device and accessible experience.

  • Visualize, create and associate branches and hydrants.
  • Flowmeters, valves and hydrants in real time.
  • Manage and customize water quotas.
  • Manage registered users and assign functionalities.
  • Set prices, view consumption, time slots and records.
  • Download reports.

You can provide access to irrigation users to a specific panel within the platform where they can access the information and tools necessary to keep track of their consumption.

Flowmeter monitoring

Spherag's solution empowers you with state-of-the-art water management

Through the different panels of the platform you have access to a detailed record of the accumulated water and consumption of each of the meters in real time. They also allow you to assign water quotas to the different flowmeters, create groups of flowmeters and keep an exhaustive control of all these actions through customizable and downloadable reports


We have created an alert system so that you can always have peace of mind

Alerts are key to the security of the installation and the control of water resources. If a leak occurs or the system detects misuse, you will see the alert on the platform. In addition, you can determine the importance of each of the alerts and decide whether you prefer to receive the notification by SMS or email.

  • Instantly detect incidents in the load or connectivity of the equipment.
  • Warn in the event of water leaks.
  • Help reduce costs associated with excessive or improper use.
  • They are a guarantee of the safety of the installation.

Our platform centralizes the monitoring, remote control and programming of Atlas devices, irrigation elements and sensors. In addition, it provides detailed and accurate information that facilitates optimized water management.

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