Atlas: Precision agriculture

information and remote control


and autonomous

Real-time information and control

We have taken the lead in the development of a digital tool able to facilitate precision agriculture and promote the culture of water saving at a global level. 

Spherag’s platform connects with Atlas IoT devices to provide you with information at all times to help you make the right decisions and you can program or activate the opening and closing of irrigation elements remotely and in real time. 

Our Atlas range of stand-alone and connected IoT devices is equipped with the latest technology:

Solar energy

Sustainable power supply

In many cases, farms are located in rural and remote areas where access to the electrical grid may be limited or costly to install. In these cases, solar energy presents itself as a stand-alone alternative that offers an ideal solution for locations far from electrical infrastructure.


Anywhere in the world

Our Atlas devices use cellular NBIoT technology to communicate directly with our servers hosted on Amazon Web Services, allowing us to guarantee maximum connectivity in any territory.

Total autonomy

No wires and no antennas

These are completely autonomous devices that do not require any additional connectivity installation, such as gateways or repeaters, to perform their function.

Plug & Play

It's never been easier

Installation is quick and easy: one person, in three steps. Maintenance of these devices is limited to cleaning the solar panel.

Edge Intelligence

AI Algorithms

We monitor device performance in real time using AI algorithms to perform predictive maintenance and foresee incidents.

Sensors, Atlas and platform

Knowledge is key

We have our own range of sensors that collect and send real-time data readings to the platform through Atlas IoT devices, which are also compatible with other external sensors.

Working as a team, sensors, Atlas and platform constitute an essential tool for monitoring and automating water management systems.