SPHERAG: leading

the water revolution

Every drop of water counts

Its scarcity sets the agenda and getting the most out of every drop is a pressing need in all sectors, from agricultural irrigation companies to large urban supply infrastructures.

"Our mission is to make agricultural water and irrigation management efficient, easy and sustainable through smart digitization systems."

Listening to you helps us grow

We have the knowledge, our feet in the field and we are in constant communication with farmers, Irrigation District managers, irrigation companies, installers and distributors. Actively listening to their concerns provides us with valuable information for the continuous improvement of our services.

We provide our users with easy-to-use technological and digital tools with which they obtain real-time information to make better decisions at the most opportune moment, saving resources, money and time. All our design decisions are focused on improving our customers’ day-to-day operations and making their businesses more profitable.

Breaking the digital divide in the agricultural sector

We are committed to facilitating the digital transition of the agricultural sector and accompany our customers in their digitization process. We have developed a solution based on disruptive technology that is, at the same time, very easy to install, configure and manage by the end user. 

Our technology reaches every corner of the planet: connectivity is not a problem for our devices. We have a fleet of more than 10,000 devices deployed and operating in more than thirty countries. 

 The value of our irrigation company is the people who make it up. Empowering the team, encouraging their motivation and keeping each member in tune with the values that drive us is one of the fundamental pillars on which SPHERAG is built. 

Spherag Commitment