Digitizing your
farm is easier

than you imagine

Advanced software easy to use

We have designed a tailor-made digital platform for demanding clients like you. Our cloud software provides you with the information you need to optimize the use of every drop of water, and it doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge to unlock its full potential.

SPHERAG’s platform uses Atlas devices to monitor, schedule, and remotely control irrigation elements on your farm. It also collects readings from sensors installed in the field, presenting them in simple graphs and reports, empowering you to make informed irrigation decisions based on data.

It is in our DNA to make your life easier

Act directly, remotely and in real time on the irrigation elements of your farm. This functionality will change your life: it reduces travel, saves water, time and other resources. In addition, you can easily configure schedules to automate valves, pumps and fertigators. And if you need even more, we offer you advanced smart programming functions that take into account sensor readings and the limits you define for action.

  • Readings collected by field sensors.
  • Agroclimatic readings provided by own and third party stations.
  • Detailed and geolocalized weather forecasts.
  • NDVI and NDWI satellite images.


Don't worry, we'll alert you

The platform allows you to configure alerts based on the values and data ranges that you determine. You will have everything under control and you will receive alerts by SMS or email if there is any incident in the irrigation system: low pressure, overpressure, inadequate flow in a pipe… In addition, our solution incorporates digital inputs to check in real time the proper functioning of the system. If any anomaly occurs, our software issues an alert.


It's a demanding industry and you need the latest technology

Our decision support software cross-references sensor readings and data provided by weather stations and services with information about your crop type and irrigation system to provide you with smart recommendations that will help you improve the yield and quality of your crop. This functionality turns our platform into a personal advisor that calculates the estimated harvest date and informs you about the necessary irrigation time for an optimal crop. In addition, you will be able to download water consumption reports, essential for an efficient management of your water resources. 

Our platform centralizes the monitoring, remote control and programming of Atlas devices, irrigation elements and sensors. In addition, it provides detailed and accurate information that facilitates optimized water management.

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