IoT to reduce water consumption in vineyards

Agrotechnological companies and educational centers collaborating in a pioneering and exciting project led by John Deere from its Parla Innovacion center (Madrid).

With the aim of achieving significant savings of irrigation water in vineyards, John Deere has launched this project with a collaborative working model involving the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the companies Metos, Azud and Spherag, which provides intelligent control technology and cloud platform.

“We are confident that our technology will optimize the process and achieve more precise irrigation, resulting in a more efficient use of water and significant savings,” says Jesús Ibáñez, CEO and founder of Spherag.

A differentiating factor of this project is the easy accessibility for any user, since the solution proposed by Spherag is intuitive, simple to use and does not require advanced technological knowledge to take advantage of all its functionalities. In addition, it is affordable and quickly pays for itself by reducing energy costs – the devices are solar-powered – and the consumption of water and other inputs.

The project addresses the challenge imposed by the drastic reduction in water availability, which the Spanish Climate Change Office estimates at 10-20%, and is being carried out in an experimental vineyard at the Parla Innovation Center. It is expected to last until 2028, with the first data to be collected in 2025.