Jornada Eficiencia Riego en La Mancha Húmeda

Irrigation efficiency in the Wetlands of the Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve

Mancha Occidental II informs on efficient irrigation in the Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve

This week we have traveled to Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real) to participate in the conference “Efficiency in irrigation in the Biosphere Reserve of the Mancha Húmeda“, where we have presented our innovative technological solution for optimized and sustainable water management.

The Comunidad de Usuarios de Aguas Subterráneas Mancha Occidental II has been the organizer of this session, which is part of an extensive program of activities that includes courses, both face-to-face and online, and field visits. The Community has presented the Guide of good practices in the field of the Biosphere Reserve 2023-2026, and is committed to new technologies for the modernization and renovation of irrigation systems

This public entity groups together more than 90,000 hectares of irrigated land and some 9,000 users from different municipalities in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo.

Economic and environmental sustainability are compatible with SPHERAG

During the conference, the need to reconcile the economic profitability of farms with environmental sustainability was highlighted, something that SPHERAG’s technology makes possible.

Our solution facilitates efficient and optimized water management that brings direct economic benefits to farmers. Lower water consumption reduces the energy costs associated with pumping, and SPHERAG’s technology also makes it possible to take advantage of off-peak pricing hours. In addition, our devices are solar-powered, so they do not represent an additional cost. They also help to reduce transportation costs, since the farmer does not need to travel constantly to the farm to operate and control the irrigation elements.  The reduction of fertilizer use is another of the savings that the farmer benefits from thanks to our solution.

All these savings mean, in turn, a reduction in the environmental impact of farms, which is especially desirable in a natural environment such as the Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve.   

Thanks to the organizers for counting on us and to all the attendees for their interest.