Álvaro Velasco muestra la plataforma SPHERAG al ministro de agricultura Luis Planas

SPHERAG presents its innovative project at La Vega Innova

SPHERAG at the iHub of La Vega Innova

Our colleague, Álvaro Velasco, has participated in the conference organized at the digital innovation center of La Vega Innova in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), where he had the opportunity to present the solution developed by SPHERAG coinciding with the visit of Minister Luis Planas and other members of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.  

 There he had the opportunity to show how SPHERAG’s technology helps to conserve vital resources such as water, energy and inputs and to increase the profitability of farms, facilitating access to disruptive technologies to any user profile, even without advanced digital knowledge. 

La Vega Innova, a project to promote the transformation of the agri-food sector 

La Vega Innova is a project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that was born in September to boost the competitiveness and transformation of the agri-food sector by implementing digital technologies.  

It has been inspiring to participate in this day in which we have had the opportunity to learn about other technological innovation solutions that, like SPHERAG, are transforming the agricultural sector.