Idrias Winery, Ponzano, Huesca, Spain

SPHERAG helps to save water in organic vineyard cultivation

Bodegas Idrias has a strong commitment to sustainability and to things well done. Their delicious organic D.O. Somontano wines are a magnificent example of how the water revolution led by SPHERAG helps farmers get the best yields from their crops by saving water, time and inputs.  

Atlas device in the organic vineyard of Idrias wineries

Inside a glass of Idrias is a fantastic blend of tradition and modernity. Its estates are located in a vineyard area that was consolidated in Roman times and is now efficiently irrigated with SPHERAG’s disruptive technology. It made sense that a winery whose wines are certified as organically produced by the Aragonese Committee of Organic Agriculture and by the EU would choose us to give a plus of sustainability to their brand. 

Technology for real-time monitoring and actuation

In the initial digitization project, more than 25 hectares organized in 11 sectors have been affected. In them we installed 7 IoT Atlas devices, which collect real-time information provided by four weather stations and other field sensors, control valves remotely and monitor flowmeters to have a precise control of water consumption.  

atlas device in the organic vineyard of idrias wineries

From the team of Bodegas Idrias we have received very good reports about the savings in water, inputs, time and other resources that have been achieved thanks to the SPHERAG solution, on which they continue to bet for the digitization of new plots.