Evento de presentación Hub Innovación Turística Telefónica

Telefónica promotes Smart Tourist Destinations  

Telefónica Tech boosts Smart Tourism Destinations with a new Innovation Hub  

On June 12th our colleague Sara Rodrigo, Product & UX Manager at SPHERAG, attended the official presentation of the new Tourism Innovation Hub promoted by Telefónica to accelerate the modernization of the tourism sector.  

 We are very pleased to be part of the group of 40 companies selected for this project. Each of them is specialized in different areas related to tourism and technology, and the hub is presented as a platform for collaboration and creation of synergies to achieve a common goal. The presentation event has been a perfect opportunity to get to know each other.   

From SPHERAG we will provide our solution and knowledge in optimized water management by combining IoT and cloud technologies with the aim of facilitating the sustainable development of tourist destinations.   

Spain, a benchmark in digitized tourism

The concept of Smart Tourism Destination (DTI) was born in 2013 in Spain, within the National and Integral Tourism Plan promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. This model, which sought to improve the positioning of Spanish tourist destinations by making them more competitive, sustainable and attractive, has had a great development. In ten years we already have 400 DTIs and we are a world reference in digitized tourism.  

The creation of the Telefónica Tourism Innovation Hub is intended to consolidate this development model by reinforcing the digital transformation of the sector

Water as a strategic resource for the tourism sector

Tourism generates one in ten jobs worldwide, accounts for 3% of global GDP and continues to grow. Its impact and sustainability are in the spotlight, not only because of the size of this industry, but also because it is often associated with places of special scenic or cultural interest.    

Water is a key resource in tourist destinations for residential and hotel use, maintenance of parks and gardens or associated with leisure centers (golf courses, theme parks, etc.).  

SPHERAG’s technology opens a simple path to implement and use for the digital transformation of tourist destinations:   

  • It allows monitoring water use in each of these scenarios and forecasting periods of high demand using AI models to anticipate the needs of each moment.   
  • It collects and processes sensor readings that let you know when and how much to irrigate so as not to waste water in green areas.   
  • SPHERAG’s alert system helps monitor safety and facilitates the maintenance of hydraulic infrastructures, alerting in real time in case of leakage, low pressure or overpressure.   

It is a great satisfaction to collaborate in this innovation hub that focuses on quality as a differential value of a sustainable model.   

We would like to congratulate Telefónica for this exciting project and thank you for working with SPHERAG!