Expansión reports on John Deere’s project in which SPHERAG participates 

“John Deere tests solutions to save the countryside from drought in a Parla industrial park”

The economic newspaper Expansión dedicates a space in its Digital Economy section to the project for the optimization of irrigation in agriculture promoted by John Deere from its innovation center located in Parla.   

This center has facilities of 3,500 square meters and more than 4 hectares of arable land. Agrotechnological companies and educational centers collaborate in a joint project aimed at obtaining significant water savings in high-value crops such as almonds, olives, vines and pistachios.  

SPHERAG, together with Azud and Metos Iberia, is one of the companies involved in the project, for which it provides the technology to monitor the state of the crops and act on irrigation remotely.  

This project is framed in a context of severe drought, by which the Spanish countryside is very affected and requires efficient water management. 

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