Frutas Mifra, Codos, Zaragoza, Spain

Technology designed to improve the day-to-day lives of growers

Of all that Diego and Guillermo, Frutas Mifra‘s production managers, told us, this is undoubtedly the phrase that has touched our hearts:

“Technology has changed our lives!”

Diego Vicente Gimeno, Production Manager, Frutas Mifra

Codos is a municipality in Aragón, in the Calatayud region, where 40% of Spain’s cherry is produced. A large part of the production of this farm is exported to countries with high quality standards, such as France, Germany or Abu Dhabi.

Thanks to digitalization with SPHERAG and Telefónica‘s integrated solution, not only can they guarantee these high quality standards, but they have also achieved significant savings in water, fertilizer and time – a lot of time!

Saving time means saving money, and also improving the quality of life.

Frutas Mifra’s operators no longer have to walk up and down the farm every day, as if they were participating in the Paris-Dakar, but can open and close valves remotely, and know the status of the farm at any time, from their cell phone or office computer.

They also gain time for other tasks, to rest and gain quality of life.