The people behind the Amazon smile

A new initiative of AWS (Amazon Web Services) presents 15 stories of companies spread throughout Spain to show the human face behind the brands that work with their services, including Jesús Ibáñez, CEO of Spherag.

The project has offered us the opportunity to tell how Spherag puts artificial intelligence at the service of agriculture and the role that digitalization plays in optimizing water use and improving crop yields.

Can you imagine receiving real-time and remote information about the irrigation system of a crop farm that is miles away from where the farmer is located? Miguel’s father, owner of a farm in Sestrica (Zaragoza), couldn’t either, but the truth is that this is already a reality that is improving the daily lives of farmers in thirty countries thanks to Spherag’s technology. 

The itinerant exhibition of “People who move us”

In addition to its website you can find out more about our proposal and that of the other participants at each of the stops that the traveling exhibition “People who move us” will make.

For five weeks starting October 17, visitors to the railway stations of Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Seville, and at Valencia airport, will be offered an exhibition space made up of interactive panels highlighting the different stories of entrepreneurship.

“With these stories we want to demonstrate how e-commerce and technology are contributing to improving the lives of all Spaniards, not just our customers.” Mariangela Marseglia, Vice President and General Manager of amazon.es

Visit her at Zaragoza-Delicias Station in Zaragoza from October 25-30.