SeydaLand, Jessen, Germany

SeydaLand: sustainable agriculture at Jessen

A sustainable project like SeydaLand needed a solar solution like Spherag’s!

This agricultural and livestock farm located in Jessen (Germany) is at the forefront of modern and environmentally friendly agriculture. Its commitment to sustainability creates high added value in the region and boosts the local economy by preserving jobs in rural areas.

Since its foundation in 2000, the company has continued to innovate, perfecting its sustainability model and implementing highly technological solutions, such as Spherag, to further reduce its impact.

The Spherag solution and its benefits for SeydaLand

The 34 Atlas 2 IoT devices installed allow them to monitor more than 30 irrigation pivots and 46 sensor stations located in the 39 sectors into which their land is divided. Thanks to this, they obtain detailed information for the optimization of irrigation water and the reduction of its associated costs.

We are happy to have contributed with our services to reinforce the sustainability of their crops, and to help SeydaLand every day to save money and avoid wasting water.

SeydaLand implements Spherag’s high-tech solution to reinforce its sustainable agriculture model.