Optimizing Water Management and Crop Efficiency

Seydaland Vereinigte Agrarbetriebe GmbH & Co KG, a traditional agricultural company with a large farm in Jessen, Germany, sought to improve their water management and crop efficiency. To tackle this challenge, they partnered with Spherag, a leading provider of IoT and cloud-based solutions for agriculture.


Seydaland faced the significant task of controlling water consumption and managing crops on their expansive 1780-hectare property. They needed a solution that could accurately monitor water usage, provide valuable insights on crop activity, and enable informed decision-making for irrigation.


Spherag proposed the installation of 34 ATLAS devices across Seydaland’s farm. These devices, equipped with smart water meters, were deployed on more than 30 pivots and integrated with 46 weather stations. The ATLAS devices recorded detailed data on water usage during irrigation and other essential crop-related information.
The recorded data was transmitted to the Spherag Platform, where it underwent comprehensive analysis. The platform generated reports on water consumption and associated costs, empowering Seydaland to make informed decisions about water management and crop strategies.


Spherag collaborated closely with Seydaland throughout the implementation process. The installation of the 34 ATLAS devices was successfully completed, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the farm. The devices seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure, and the data was seamlessly transferred to the Spherag Platform for analysis.

Results and Benefits

Following the implementation of Spherag’s solution, Seydaland experienced remarkable improvements in water management and crop production. The accurate monitoring of water consumption allowed for optimized irrigation practices, resulting in increased water efficiency and reduced production costs.
By leveraging the insights provided by the Spherag Platform, Seydaland made well-informed decisions regarding irrigation timing and water allocation, leading to higher crop yields and improved product quality. The ability to analyze and interpret data enabled proactive measures to address potential issues promptly.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Seydaland Vereinigte Agrarbetriebe GmbH & Co KG and Spherag exemplifies the successful implementation of Spherag’s IoT and cloud platform for optimizing water management and crop efficiency. Seydaland achieved significant benefits, including improved water efficiency, reduced costs, higher crop yields, and enhanced product quality.
Spherag’s solution provides agricultural companies with the tools and insights necessary to make informed decisions, leading to sustainable and efficient crop production. By embracing advanced technologies, companies like Seydaland can thrive in the modern agricultural landscape while minimizing their environmental impact.

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