Automation of an 18-Hectare Plot in Calatayud, Spain

The project involved automating an 18-hectare plot located in Calatayud, Spain, with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity. The plot comprised 16 sectors, 1 well pump, 1 transfer pump, 1 fertiliser tank, and 1 pressure sensor, spanning almost one kilometer with a gradient of approximately 20 flowmeters.


The initial challenge was the absence of automation on the plot, with manually operated valves requiring time-consuming manual intervention. The lack of automation hindered efficient irrigation management and precise control of different plot sectors. The client sought a solution to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity.


Spherag implemented a comprehensive monitoring and automation system, completing the installation in just two days. Before the automation, RIS Valves installed manually operated valves on the plot. The system included a pressure sensor to ensure optimal functioning, preventing overpressure and potential ruptures. Cloud-based programming facilitated real-time monitoring and system operation checks for both owners and installers.


Spherag seamlessly integrated the automation system into the existing infrastructure, utilizing the previously installed manually operated valves. The pressure sensor played a crucial role in maintaining system integrity. The cloud-based platform provided a user-friendly interface for owners and installers to monitor and manage the system in real time, ensuring smooth operations.

Results and Benefits

Following the successful implementation of the automation system, the plot experienced remarkable improvements. The automated management of irrigation and resources led to enhanced efficiency and productivity. Precise control of individual plot sectors resulted in optimized resource allocation and reduced operational costs. The streamlined plot management process facilitated easier and faster operations, further boosting overall productivity.


In conclusion, Spherag’s automation of the 18-hectare plot in Calatayud, Spain proved to be a resounding success. The implementation of the monitoring and automation system enabled efficient irrigation management, precise control of plot sectors, and improved resource allocation. The result was increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. Spherag’s solution provides farmers with an opportunity to transform their irrigation systems, leading to improved outcomes and sustainable agricultural practices.

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