What is an automatic irrigation system and its advantages


Agriculture and automatic irrigation systems have advanced by leaps and bounds this past decade, but what is exactly an automatic irrigation system? Find out more in this article.

What is an automatic irrigation system?

An automatic irrigation system is the most efficient solution for farmers and irrigation community managers, but what is it for? An automatic irrigation system is the installation of an irrigation program, capable of managing a farm or an irrigation community from anywhere, without the need to be present at the time of irrigation.

The management of an irrigation system is fundamental for the advancement of new technologies in the primary sector, which is why we must be clear about the advantages of an automatic irrigation system.

Advantages of the automatic irrigation system

The automatic irrigation system is a fundamental part of the life of farmers who have wanted to take the plunge into new technologies, but what are the advantages of an automatic irrigation system to be so useful?

  1. Manage your irrigation system from anywhere. You don’t need to go to the place where your irrigation system is located, simply having a cell phone or a device capable of connecting to the cloud is enough.
  2. Easy to use and manage. Above all, our irrigation remote control platform helps you to see graphically and easily all the information you need about your farm or automatic irrigation system.
  3. It sends you real-time alerts. You can be assured of any dangerous situation in your farm or irrigation community, before there is a burst, the platform will instantly send you a message and you will be able to act in time.
  4. Save money and resources. Good management of your farm with an automatic irrigation system will allow you to easily and simply see what your expenses are. Smart water management will prevent you from spending more water and money than you have to.
  5. Intelligent programming. You can program your automatic irrigation system, you can program your devices installed on your farm or irrigation community with a simple button.
  6. Open and close your devices. You can open or close the devices of your automatic irrigation system from the platform, once installed you can open or close them automatically or manually.
  7. Easy and simple installation. The installation of remote IoT devices in your automatic irrigation system is so easy to install and use that hundreds of acres can be automated in one day.

Where can I get my automatic irrigation system?

If you are interested in starting to manage your automatic irrigation system, contact our team of professionals. Having a good water management system will allow you the freedom to spend your time relaxing and resting. You will be able to save resources and avoid wasting water, you will contribute to the environment and you will notice it in your pocket. Join the intelligent management of water and the latest agricultural technologies.