Our impact

Committed to our mission, we emphasize transparency in our quest to drive meaningful impact. This impact section showcases our influence within our community and the tech industry. Here, you’ll find tangible evidence of our efforts to create positive change. This is our testament to going beyond the norm, demonstrating the true extent of our impact.

Spherag’s mission

Making life and water management easier for farmers with innovative and technologic solutions.


Spherag Teck IoT addresses a critical global challenge – the inefficient use and waste of water in irrigation systems. Every year, billions of gallons of water are wasted due to outdated and inefficient irrigation practices. This waste has serious social and environmental implications, impacting our ecosystems and depriving communities of vital water resources.

Our Solution

Spherag Teck IoT utilizes our cutting-edge platform, ATLAS devices, and precision sensors to achieve impact on the water inefficiency in irrigation systems. Our platform provides real-time data, ATLAS devices manage water flow, and our sensors adapt to environmental conditions. Together, these technologies optimize irrigation, promote sustainability, and significantly reduce water waste.

Corporative objectives

Up to 645€/ha of savings

Up to 1,18t/ha less CO2 emitted

Up to 60% of water savings m3/ha

Impact Investors

La startup Spherag Teck IoT cuenta con la inversión de Ship2B Ventures, firma de capital riesgo de impacto que gestiona el fondo BSocial Impact Fund, participado por el Fondo Europeo de Inversión y Banco Sabadell, entre otros.

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